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Guess what!
I don't have a life so I make gifs the shit
out of any bands I listen to.
Read the FAQs before you ask, please! :)


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Lyric Gifs


Sep 30th at 9PM / 141 notes
Emperor Ihsahn Emty

Sep 28th at 11PM / 640 notes
Alexi laiho Children of Bodom Deadnight Warrior

Sep 27th at 1AM / 612 notes
Alcest Neige Live at Hard Club Queue

Sep 26th at 10PM / via: yaowwwwwwwww / op: yaowwwwwwwww / 4,121 notes
over 1k notes wow

Sep 26th at 10PM / 72 notes
Mikael Åkerfeldt Bloodbath

Sep 26th at 9PM / 1,181 notes
Children of Bodom Alexi Laiho Roope Latvala Chaos ridden years

Sep 26th at 9PM / 258 notes
Strapping young lad Devin Townsend Relentless

Sep 26th at 12AM / 648 notes
Alexi Laiho TERVA SNAPSI!! Children of Bodom Trashed And Lost In Helsinki

Sep 25th at 11PM / 216 notes
Olli Vänskä Turisas Stand Up And Fight

hahaha I love your new picture! The crocodile from Peter Pan! That's one of my favorite Disney films!

Hahaha thanks. It’s not new though. I’ve stuck with that crocodile since I first started this blog. 


Sep 25th at 10PM / 101 notes
My Dying Bride Aaron Stainthorpe The prize of beauty

Sep 25th at 10PM / 363 notes
Eluveitie Chrigel Glanzmann Thousandfold

Sep 25th at 10PM / 858 notes
Children of Bodom Chaos ridden years Alexi Laiho Jaska Raatikainen Roope Latvala Henkka Seppala Janne Wirman Photoset

Sep 25th at 10PM / 11 notes

Sorry, I happened to have a life in a month. It’s alright now. I’m back with you guys!

I only have one question: why are so many of you still following me even after 1 month of my disappearing? Why are you guys so nice to me?!!!

Aug 16th at 10PM / 1,317 notes
Alexi Laiho Children of Bodom Chaos ridden years Lyric Angels don't kill